I'm Jamie, a filmmaker and photographer from London and the South of England. I like to tell stories with a human angle. Visuals that make you feel something. A lover of strong and simple ideas. 

Favourite saying: A donkey is a horse designed by a committee 


"Drawings and dreams" was part of the 2014 cupidity series which won a silver lion at Cannes along with a D&AD pencil. Plus a few cubs and scouts badges but I don't like to brag...

Pancake flipping, forgetting where my car is parked, pondering and making little movies. Sleep, Playing tennis badly, getting lost and finding my way home through the kindness of strangers, making friends & telling stories.


HSBC, Google, TUI, Vodafone, Coca-cola, Chevrolet, Etisalat, Lipton, Diageo, Piraeus Bank, Mcdonalds, KFC, Cornetto, Unilever, BBC storyworks, Vacheron constantine, Carte Noire, Quantel, Telefonica, Tumi, Kenwood, Hub footwear, Vice Magazine, Sotherby's, Universal music, Mars chocolate, Taj Hotels, Shimano, Rangemaster, Shell, Lux...


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